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Nectarine tartlet with honey, thyme, Ruby curls and Rypenaer cheese

For 4 servings | Preparation: 45 minutes - Cooking time: 20 minutes 


Additional kitchen equipment


For the tartlet 
1 sheet puff pastry 
1 egg 
2 nectarines 
20g butter 
1 tablespoon honey 

a few sprigs of thyme 

For the Ruby curls 
100g Ruby chocolate 

100g Rypenaer cheese (1 piece) 

a few rocket leaves 
some olive oil 
fleur de sel 

Additional kitchen equipment

4 non-stick tartlet tins 
round pastry cutter (slightly larger than the tartlet tin) 
pastry brush 
palette knife 
wire rack 
vegetable peeler 


Cut the nectarines in half and remove the pit. Slice every half into 3 equal-sized parts. Take the 4 non-stick tartlet tins, put a lump of butter in the base and spoon the honey on top. 


Place 3 nectarine parts in every pastry tin. Cut out 4 puff pastry rounds that are just a bit larger than the tartlet shape and put a round on top of the nectarines. Prick the pastry with a fork, beat the egg and apply it to the dough with a pastry brush. Bake the tartlets in the oven at 180C for about 15 minutes. 


With the pastry in the oven, melt the Ruby chocolate and temper it. Tip it on a piece of cold marble and spread it thinly. When the chocolate has started to set, scrape off curls using a palette knife. 


When the tartlets are done, take them out of their tins and leave to cool on a wire rack, fruit-side up. Pick a few thyme leaves and scatter them over the tartlets. 


Put a lukewarm tartlet on every plate. Shave a couple of curls off the Rypenaer cheese using a vegetable peeler. 


Use both the Ruby chocolate and the Rypenaer cheese curls as a garnish. Combine the rocket with some olive oil, season with fleur de sel and add a flew sprigs of thyme. This dish is best served with a glass of champagne.