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Rhubarb and blackberries marinated in 
champagne with thinly sliced foie gras,
salted nuts and beetroot gel 

For 4 servings | Preparation: 4 hours - Cooking time: 10 minutes 


Additional kitchen equipment


For the marinated fruit 
125g blackberries 
1 stick of rhubarb 
120g champagne 
30g demerara sugar 
150g foie gras (lobe) 
pinch of fleur de sel 

For the garnish 
1 tablespoon walnuts 
1/2 dl olive oil 
pinch of fleur de sel 
1/2 jonagold apple 

For the beetroot gel 
0.25l beetroot juice 
0.5 tablespoon honey 
0.25dl fruity olive oil 
2.5g agar-agar 
pinch of salt 

10cl Greek yoghurt 
freshly milled pepper 

beatroot leaves 

Additional kitchen equipment

hand-held mixer 
2 plastic squeeze bottles 
slicing machine 


 Put the blackberries in a shallow dish. Peel the rhubarb, slice into thin julienne strips and add to the dish. Sprinkle the fruits with demerara sugar and pour the champagne on top. Cover the dish and leave to marinate for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 hours. 


Season the Greek yoghurt with salt and pepper and transfer it into a plastic squeeze bottle. 


Pour the beetroot juice, together with the honey, olive oil, salt and the agar-agar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once it has cooked, leave to cool and set in the fridge. Mix the beetroot jelly with een hand-held mixer until you get a smooth gel and transfer it into a plastic squeeze bottle. 


Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the nuts. Sprinkle the nuts with fleur de sel twice while frying. Pour the nuts on a plate covered with kitchen paper, leave to drain off the excess oil and let them cool. Add a bit more fleur de sel just before serving. 


Put a bit of the Greek yoghurt and the beetroot gel on every plate. Add some salted nuts and cut the foie gras into very thin slices using the slicing machine. Divide the marinated fruits between the plates. 


Add the slices of foie gras and season with fleur de sel and freshly milled pepper. Cut the apple into thin slices as well and divide over the foie gras. Finish the dish with some beetroot leaves.