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Champagne-grapefruit compote with yoghurt sorbet and a grapefruit tuile 

for 4 servings

Preparation: 35 minutes - Cooking time: 20 minutes 


Additional kitchen equipment


For the compote 

2 red grapefruit 
1 yellow grapefruit 
3.5dl champagne 
250g caster sugar 
½ dl Cointreau 
5 mint leaves 

1 slice watermelon 
a few mint leaves 

For the yoghurt sorbet 

150g glucose 
150g caster sugar 
300g cream 
1kg yoghurt 

For the tuile 

35g grapefruit juice 
35g caster sugar 
20g butter 
20g flour 

For the garnish 
a few mint leaves 

Ruby chocolate curls: turn to recipe 11

Additional kitchen equipment

ice cream maker 
baking parchment 


Segment the 3 grapefruit (cutting ‘à vif’) and collect the juice in a saucepan. Add sugar, champagne and Cointreau to that sauce-pan. Bring to the boil, stirring constantly. When the sugar has dissolved, add the grapefruit parts and leave to simmer on a gentle heat for 20 minutes. Add a couple of crushed mint leaves and leave the compote to cool and set in the fridge. 


Combine all the ingredients for the yoghurt sorbet, pour in the ice cream machine and leave the machine to churn. 


For the tuile, bring together the grapefruit juice, the soft butter, the sugar and flour into a bowl and knead into a smooth dough. Tip out the dough, roll it out thinly onto a lined baking tray and bake in the oven at 190C for +/- 5 minutes. As soon as the dough is baked cut out diamond shapes. 


Cut the watermelon slice into small cubes. Put a spoonful of the champagne-grapefruit compote and a quenelle of the yoghurt sorbet onto every plate. Finish the plates with some watermelon cubes, a few mint leaves, a diamond-shaped grapefruit tuile and some Ruby chocolate curls.